DNA is the codes that tells organisms how to be what they are. Our DNA is our purpose, mission, values & beliefs that dictate how we function as a gathered community (local church). Below are the 4 values of our DNA, our statement of Faith from our Movement, and our message -- Jesus Only. For more about who we are click on WHY WE EXIST

Welcome Home

Being a community of

vulnerable trust & diversity... 

We welcome you Home, whatever your story, your questions, doubts or struggles. We engage in authentic life together as a diverse community while being intentional about serving each other, our neighbors and our city along the way.


Orient to Christ

Being a community of

the Presence...

Our first priority is to passionately pursue a relationship with God. We come together in Holy Spirit-filled worship, prayer, equipping and missional environments to collectively pursue Him as one throughout the week. We declare Jesus Only, actively listening for His Voice, trusting Him as the source of our lives and the author of our stories.

Progress Together

Being a community of

truth & purpose...

We are a community of all ages journeying together, sharing each others joys & burdens while encouraging & challenging each other through both pleasant place & the dark valleys. We are walking in pace with the Spirit, experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and each other, loving others through mercy, grace, and truth. We have a shared-leadership culture, where we gather around men and women whom we learn alongside, with Christ at the very center.  

Extend Life Everlasting

Being a community of

grace & peace...

We believe that the whole gospel for the whole person, extends to the whole world. Jesus said He came that we might have life to its fullest and to make us whole again. We intentionally invite people into the story of God's grace and peace in our lives, extending this gift to all. Our goal is Shalom (Peace) for our City. We will partner other churches and organizations furthering the creative and redemptive work of Christ Jesus, practicing  righteousness & justice as prophetic advocates on behalf of the sick/weak, poor, widows, orphans, marginalized and oppressed.