disciples' way

the first disciples called themselves the Way. There was a reason for this, the scriptures tell us to follow those who have gone before, particularly following Jesus in the way that has been tread or marked out for us. We follow along this trail that takes us off the main drag that the world is traveling in mass. 

Just maybe there is another way that doesn't leave us with empty promises and broken relationships. Just maybe following Jesus invites you to follow along the WAY less traveled... where life everlasting actually exists. Don't be confused and fooled by substitutes or replicas, there is a real, REAL life waiting for you as we walk the trail others have traveled for centuries. 

travel guides

Along with our Lifegroups, and Discipleship Ministries, we have a track that will make certain you have your travel bag full of the tools you need for the journey. There are three trail-heads for the Disciples' Way below. If you are either new to following Christ or still trying to figure out who this Jesus is, we have a Learning Fellowship for you starting SEPTEMBER 2018. Sign up now here

  • Course 001 - Story of God

    In 12-24 Interactive sittings, dialogue with a  Storyteller to get the scoop on what the Christian Scriptures are all about. It's the best way to discover what we believe, and how they have meaning for your story. This is offered year-round with a personal start date at your convenience or in a group context each autumn. 

    Starting Spring 2019

  • COURSE 101 - The Creeds

    Being a disciple of Jesus is not primarily about morality, rules, reading the bible or going to church every Sunday. It can't be accomplished by checking boxes off a list despite what you might have heard. It's about knowing Jesus and being known by Him. In The Creeds we explore the 12 confessions of the ancient hymn that has guided the Church for the last 2000 years. Fall only. Starting Fall 2019.

  • COURSE 201 - Unshakable Identity

    Who am I? Why do I exist? Does life have meaning? Can I be whole? We've all asked these questions... each one points to our need to have a mooring to anchor our lives to. Where we base our identity will guide the rest of our lives. But its never too late to find our value in the unshakable One. Spring only. 

    Starting Spring 2019