Make Disciples

Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples. He gave us the method to model as we make disciples of Jesus today. 

But what is a disciple. Simply put, a disciple is a disciplined learner. One who studies and knows the words, ways, and works of their teacher. One who models their life as an apprentice to their master. This is not something for lightweights but for people who what to devote their lives to the one they are learning from. This is what being a disciple means. One of the most essential things Jesus modeled for us was the importance of being in relationship with each other.

Through relationship we feel the safety and encouragement to mature spiritually. 

In fact we can't be or do anything spiritual effectively outside of relationship.

To understand and go deeper in what Discipleship is, please click HERE or on the image to the right for a short video.

Whole-Life Disciples

Being made into a disciple of Jesus doesn't happen through a program or a class... no, the way is made by walking... and it isn't an individual sport; it happens through relationships--spiritual friendships, fellowships, community. With that reality in mind we have lots of different ways for you to get engaged in walking with Jesus and his community of disciples. We provide learning experiences for all ages  --kids, youth, college, men & women. These ministries are good entry points to get started. Fellowships are a good way to start to take things deeper. 

The Disciple's Pathway is for those looking for intentional development & mentoring.

Our goal is to make, mature & multiply disciples of Jesus who develop

7 key characteristics--disciples who are (1)called & going; (2)upper-room dwellers; (3)sacramental & relational; (4)responsible; (5)prepared; (6)proclaiming and (7)demonstrating the gospel.

  • Crosspointe Alliance Kids

    Children are precious in the eyes of Jesus. He called for them to come and taught us to have a child-like faith, full of wonder, and trust. As believers, we are called to care for these little ones. One way we do this is by training them up for the way they will go. We are a small but growing church, with lots of kids. We take Jesus' love and teaching of kids as importantly as we do for the adults in our church. 

    From Nursery to 5th Grade

    Sunday Mornings at 10:30AM

    Emma Welch, Crosspointe Alliance Kids Coordinator

    To e-mail Emma, please Click here.

    LeeAnn Strecker, Curriculum Specialist

  • Alliance Youth Discipleship

    Middle and High School Students It is our desire to let the youth at Crosspointe know that they matter and provide them with a place where they are welcomed, heard and accepted into a spiritual family that will not judge them. Life with Jesus is more that religious activity, but it is learning to have an unshakable identity and learn who God is and wants to be in their lives through digging into the Scriptures and listening to His voice. We want to respond to the social and spiritual needs of our youth by providing a Youth Fellowship, fun events/activities, and service opportunities that will allow them to express their faith through their own words and actions. We also want to encourage them to use their individual talents and gifts in the community & in society in an effort to nurture their growth as people of faith, so that they may follow the example of Jesus. Please send us an email to find out more information! 

    Wednesday Nights from 6-8PM

    LeeAnn Strecker, Alliance Youth Director

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  • Women's Discipleship

    With Crosspointe Alliance, Alliance Women is here, through dIscipleship, to nurture strong women who aren't afraid to make a difference in the world with Jesus. This is made a reality through spiritual friendships and engaging in our global alliance mission work. Jesus called all people to Himself and that includes women. Women disciples were the first ones to share the Good News of the Resurrection. You too can be a bold woman who is a part of the next move of Jesus. Join us!

    2nd Saturday Morning of the Month - 10AM

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    Lead by Alliance Women Team

    LeeAnn Strecker - Alliance Women Advocate

                                     (2020 Interim)

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  • Men's Discipleship

    Crosspointe Alliance Men’s Discipleship is committed to transforming hearts, minds & the wills of men as they become Jesus-like men doing Jesus-like activities. Men’s discipleship does this through breakfasts where men gather to get to know each other, pray and be challenged by God's Word & Spirit, service projects together, fireside chats & cookouts, movie nights, going on retreat and most importantly gathering as part of HOPE Communities.


    1st Saturday each Month (8AM) - Men's Prayer Breakfast

                                                                     & Service Project

    3rd Saturday of the Month (6PM) - Fireside Chat OR

                                                            Shoulder to Shoulder Event

    Pastor Drew & the Elders - Men's Discipleship Team

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