Welcome Home  

Being a Community of Vulnerable Trust & Diversity 

We host others wherever we might find ourselves, creating a family environment where all kinds of people belong. 

  • We demonstrate the importance of authentic relationships through respect, reliance and responsibility.
  • We share meals together, especially the Lord’s Supper.
  • We value and celebrate a rich mosaic of diversity in unity--being of one heart and mind while recognizing our unique Design in differing Backgrounds, Generations, & Graces.
  • We welcome home prodigals--the irreligious and the religious alike.

Orient to Christ

Being a Community of the Presence

Our first priority is to passionately pursue a relationship with God.

  • We come together in Holy Spirit-filled worship, equipping, & missional environments to collectively pursue Him as one on Sundays and throughout the week. (Acts 2:42-47)
  • We set as our purpose in gathering to attend to the Presence of God in praise and lifting glory to His name. (1 Chronicles 23:13, 1 Peter 2:9)
  • We declare Jesus Only, actively listening for His Voice, trusting Him as the source of our lives. (John 10)
  • We are building “Houses of Prayer” everywhere for all peoples. (Mark 11:17)

Progress Together

Being a Community of Truth & Purpose

We are a fellow-ship, a journeying collective of equals who holding together, share each other’s joys and burdens while encouraging and challenging each other through both the pleasant places and the dark valleys.

  • We are walking in pace with the Spirit. 
  • We practice loving others through mercy, grace and truth
  • We intentionally emphasize bringing children with us, creatively identifying learning experiences along the way.
  • We have a shared-leadership Culture, where we gather around men and women whom we learn alongside, with Christ at the very center.

Extend Life Everlasting

Being a Community of Grace & Peace

We intentionally invite people into the story of God's grace & peace in our lives.

  • We believe that the whole gospel for the whole person, extends to the whole world. So, we take faith-filled risks extending the Life Everlasting into the Apostolic context assigned to us by the Holy Spirit. 
  • We value innovation and creativity, believing the abundance God has to offer, drawn by the wind of the Holy Spirit to new expressions of God’s ways & works on earth while holding steadfast to the essence of the Gospel of Jesus.
  • Our Goal is Shalom for our City. We will partner with other churches and organizations that share this value, even if they don’t share our Christ. We will navigate these challenges as we believe that all authentic good work has it’s source in the creative and redemptive work of Christ Jesus, with relationships being the avenue to redemption. 
  • We practice righteousness & justice as prophetic advocates on behalf of the: sick/weak, poor, widows, orphans, marginalized and oppressed. This not for ourselves but we choose to sacrifice on behalf of others.